Extend the life cycle of your Firecase Firetrainer

Our customer service for fire simulation systems is very important to us! Our customer service department has skilled service engineers who regularly attend in-house and factory trainings. A very good equipment and special tools as well as the necessary spare parts enables the customer service employment for fire simulation devices, also outside the normal working hours.

Regular technical service of your firetrainer is the best guarantee for optimum combustion efficiency, increases comfort and ensures operational safety. Even small deposits in the ignition system can cause interference. The lifetime of your entire Firecase technology will be significantly extended by regular maintenance.

Due to legal requirements, the operators of gas-powered devices are obliged to provide verification that these are regularly checked for operational safety. Therefore, we recommend a service interval of 1 year to guarantee you the best safety and performance. We also offer maintenance contracts.


The maintenance offer includes inspecting the functionality of your Firecase Firetrainer, basic cleaning of the devices, as well as the execution of necessary repairs.

Arrange now an appointment with us for your maintenance.


You do not want to worry everytime about the maintenance of your firetrainer?

We also offer you the possibility of a maintenance contract. The maintenance contract includes an annual inspection, a thorough cleaning and the execution of repairs if necessary.


You would like to trade your old Firecase Firetrainer for a new one? We offer you the possibility to trade-in the old device and offer depending on the condition of the device a discount of up to 20% on a new fire-fighting trainer.

Contact now one of our service staff and let us inform you about this option in detail.