Real Fire Systems sets new standards in fire safety education. From the very beginning, the participants are professionally instructed in the topic of fire development and how to combat it. We rely on "active interactions" between our professionally trained fire protection officers and the participants.


The trainings are carried out under the principle "Only as much theory as necessary - and more exciting practice". The practical instruction is carried out with our gas-powered and environmentally friendly FIRECASE firetrainers. With the firetrainer the most different fire scenarios can be represented professionally. If the procedure is wrong, practical instructions will be demonstrated by the instructor and the participant can repeat the exercise several times.


We train the following theoretical topics (part 1)


Causes of fire-incidents at work - What is an incipient fire?

Determination of fire classifications - Correct course of actions at fire fighting

Information about extinguishing agents and extinguishing devices

Tuition on fire-fighting tools - Fire extinguishers and equipment

We train the following practical topics (part 2)


Use of extinguishing devices - fire extinguisher, fire blanket, fire hose reel (if required)

Extinguishing of different fire scenarios - for example trash can, electric motor, electric control cabinet, large scale fires and much more.

Occupational fire scenarios and their analog modules are provided as needed - for example, tire brand, laboratory and workshop setup modules



The indoor and outdoor event training includes practical and realistic learning about fire behavior during evacuation, car accidents, environmental disasters and more. From the beginning, the participants will be professionally introduced to the topic of fire formation and its lasting effects. Real Fire Systems relies on active interactions between our professional fire safety officers and the participants. With light, sound and fog effects, our instructors generate customized, exciting and practical individual exercises in your company tailored to your needs. By combining it with our gas-powered firetrainers, the concept is a highlight for every participant.


We arrange and put up  educational seminars for:


• nursery schools and secondary schools

• Hospitals

• Hotels, canteen kitchens and large scale catering

• Pharmaceutical / chemical industries, refineries etc.

• Car dealerships

• metal producing and processing companies

• Fire Department / Police / Military 


and many more ...


The rooms, halls or underground garages are smoked using special fog machines (ceiling or ground fog). The installed artificial fires create a realistic fire image inside the smoke. The recorded sound sequences create a sound image that generates stress in planned situations. Through the use of additional stroboscopic and laser projectors, the emerging stress can be dramatically intensified.


Our mobile training program is a spectacular contrast to the systems already on the market. The Real Fire Systems fog nozzle training is optimally geared to the different needs of the fire departments and includes the following services:


• Understanding the fog nozzle and applying it correctly

• Opening and inspecting of rooms

• Detect extinguishing water quantities for certain types of fire


The training with the Flashbox is highly efficient and requires maximum performance. Participants must quickly adapt to changing situations and react to them accurately. With an additional Multi-Power-Pack module, you will be impressively practiced on a drum and valve fire of a gas cylinder. With this module, tactics such as frontal or a side attack can be trained with the fog nozzle.

All our trainings are conducted according to specific guidelines. An overview of these guidelines can be found here: